Rough cut consultant

I really enjoy working as an edit consultant .

I am happy to look at cuts and provide extensive feedback on a short or long term basis.

Below are some of the internationally acclaimed films I have worked on:

”During the arduous & tangled process of editing a documentary film, to have someone clarify your vision with questions and not prescriptions, or bring the expertise of a narrative surgeon’s scalpel when required, or help out when you can’t see the wood for the trees are all invaluable contributions. As an edit consultant to ‘Fireflies in the Abyss’, Ollie brought all these to the project in big measure and extended his support right through, besides sharing an unflagging enthusiasm for the film. Huge thanks.”

Chandra Reddy – Director   of “Fireflies In The Abyss”

“As a first time feature documentary director, getting Ollie involved in the last stages of editing of my project was invaluable. Ollie’s ability to ask the right questions combined with his eye to see what is surplus to the film’s needs helped us dramatically cut it down and improve it. Invaluable help from an experienced eye.”

Leo Metcalf – Director of “Larryland”

It was a great meeting and conversation with you. I’m very happy and enriched by your suggestions. Your point of view, which you shared with me, not only will help me for my current project, but also for my upcoming project. 
Thank you so much! 
Tasmiah Afrin Mou, Filmmaker, Bangladesh